Name and Shape- Shape without Name. Drawing course by Nelly Ciresia Strömberg

Date & Time
20/09/2021 - 23/09/2021
10:00 - 16:00

Onder de Regenboog
Goidschalxoordsedijk 65
Oud Beijerland

Name and Shape- Shape without Name. Drawing course by Nelly Ciresia Strömberg

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A course for anyone who longs to draw freely, without feeling hindered by requirements and  the pressure of having to perform.
The method is Curt Källman’s drawing course “Name and Shape – Shape without name “.
You don’t need to have any special talents or experience in drawing.
The course will inspire you to let go of the feeling that you are unable to draw.
You will be invited to draw recognisable shapes as well as to create abstract shapes.
There will be no need for your drawings to become anything at all. You will learn to be free and let your drawings emerge from your own creative source. The drawings will just be born from your hands. They will be your very own creations.
During the course, drawing and philosophy of life will go together.
The curiosity that is being awakened in you while drawing will be the key to the creative source within you.
This method of drawing will help you to enjoy  drawing more and more. You will develop a longing for drawing. You will become a happy drawer.
The course will be given by Nelly Ciresia Strömberg, in simple English.
Nelly received this course directly from Curt Källman, the founder of Vedic Art.

In the morning we will draw. In the afternoon there will be the opportunity to paint.

You are welcome to attend this course if you have followed the Vedic Art foundation course.

Practical information:

When: Monday September 20 and Tuesday September 21, 2021 daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: This course will take place in the large barn and in the garden of the farm  “Onder de Regenboog”, Goidschalxoordsedijk 65, 3261 KP Oud-Beijerland.
Costs: € 190 p.p. for Name and Shape, Shapes without Names
Materials: You will bring your own. You will need : Drawing paper (a block or loose sheets) Format for example A4, or otherwise as desired. A pair of graphite pencils of different hardness levels  of your own choice, for example: HB, B, 2B, 4B, 5B or even softer,  a pencil sharpener.
Painting supplies of your own choice for the afternoon. Canvas or paper in a small format, so that we  will have enough space for everyone and will be able to guarantee distance.
We will paint at tables (no easels available).

Tea, coffee and snacks are ready for you. Please, bring your own lunch.

Following the course on September  22 and 23, 2021, Nelly will also give the drawing course
“Drawing without Boundaries”, developed by Maija Pitz-Koponen In collaboration with Curt Källman.

“Drawing without Boundaries” will make it  easier  for you to draw, it will help you to remember what nature looks like by using your own way of drawing.
“Drawing without Boundaries” will also help you to become more awakened as an artist.

This course consists of 2 days of drawing.
If you register for both courses at the same time, the costs for the two courses together are € 350 p.p.

You can only follow “Drawing without Boundaries” if you followed “Name and Shape”.

There is a possibility that the course will be postponed if the measures related to COVID -19 give cause to do so.